Devoted Car Care Specialist

We at Annie’s Auto treat each of our customers as God’s most precious creation, who deserve to be treated as such. We are here, not only for auto maintenance and repair, but to treat you with respect and dignity. We want to be community leaders for automotive repair through our accountability and teamwork. Check out the many different automotive repair services that we offer in Avon below!

AC Services

We’ll help with any car AC problems you might have!

Air Filtration

A car air filter replacement is a common service we perform.


Make sure your steering wheel alignment is correct for the road.

Auto Repair Estimates

Our technicians will provide you with honest estimates.


Don’t let a dead battery slow you down! Take care of it today!


Your brakes should slow down your vehicle, not your life! Get them checked with us!

Check Engine Light

A check engine light can mean different things. We’ll discover the issue for you.

Complete Vehicle Inspections

Schedule a vehicle inspection with us to find any automotive repair you might need.

Computer Diagnostic

Trust Annie’s Auto to diagnose your computer systems with our diagnostic tools.

Cooling System

Allow us to check if your cooling system needs any repairs or maintenance.

Drivetrain & Suspension

Our Avon technicians can discover and diagnose any critical problems with your drivetrain or suspension.

Electrical System

Keep your electrical system up-to-date to keep your vehicle running efficiently.

Engine Services

The engine is like the heart of your car. Let us help keep your engine in the best condition!

Exhaust System

Make sure your exhaust system is in good condition for your E-Check!

Extended Warranty Services

Allow our Avon technicians to perform qualified extended warranty services for your vehicle.

Fleet Services

Get any repairs or maintenance for your vehicle fleet with Annie’s Auto!

Fuel System

If your fuel system is leaking, you won’t get very far! Let us help you out today!

Inspection & Emissions

Get your vehicle ready to pass your emissions inspection and E-Check!

Oil & Filter Change

Get your oil and filter changed at Annie’s Auto to keep your car running efficiently.

Power Steering

Difficulties with power steering can cause all kinds of issues, so have our technicians address it for you!

Pre-Purchase Inspections

If you are unsure about the history or quality of a vehicle you plan to buy, Annie’s Auto will perform a pre-purchase inspection for you!

Scheduled Maintenance

Get your scheduled maintenance through certified Annie’s Auto technicians.

Tire Rotation

Rotate your tires to keep the tread even on your tires over time.

Transmission Services

Your transmission is vital for your car’s performance, so contact Annie’s Auto for any problems you might have.


Keep your car in the best condition possible with regular tune-ups at Annie’s Auto.