Car Brake Repair in Cleveland

All vehicle brakes will need to be replaced at some point. Since brake pads rely on friction to slow down your vehicle, they will get worn down overtime. This means that all vehicle brakes will take enough damage to eventually be replaced during the vehicle’s lifetime. Some brake pads may last longer than others, but they will all need to be replaced when worn down enough. If you begin experiencing some of the symptoms previously mentioned, it’s best to take your vehicle into an Cleveland auto shop for service. Even if the brakes don’t need to be replaced, regular service will help slow down any existing wear and tear.

Common signs you may need your car brakes repaired:

  • Squeaking car brakes

  • Grinding during braking

  • Soft or spongy brake pedal

  • Wobbling or vibrating at high speeds

Brake Fluid

Sometimes the issue might not be with the car brake pads, but the brake fluid within the system. The brake fluid within vehicles allows for more strength and pressure to be applied when you press the brake pedal. If there is insufficient fluid, or even some sort of leak, your brake pads will not react how they normally would, potentially causing a dangerous situation.

Brake Repair at Annie’s Auto in Cleveland

Whether you are having issues with your brake pads or brake fluid, the Cleveland skilled technicians at Annie’s Auto can diagnose and repair any issue you might have! Schedule an appointment today at our Cleveland location and don’t let your brakes wear down any more than they already have!