What is a Car Diagnostic Test?

A car diagnostic test is when a mechanic or technician runs a digital analysis of the different computer systems in your vehicle. The car diagnostic tool will run through the various software in your vehicle’s computer system to catch any bugs or other issues in the program. Running diagnostics on your car will catch any software issues early on before it compounds into a bigger, more costly problem. Schedule you car a computer diagnostic test at our Parma Heights location today!

Different things a diagnostic tool might point out, but are not limited to, include:

  • Issues with engine or engine components

  • Issues with transmission

  • Brake responsiveness

  • Contamination or faults in the exhaust system

  • Issues with any other crucial or major components

Check Engine Light Services in Parma Heights

The majority of the time, mechanics and technicians run diagnostics on a vehicle when the check engine light comes on. This sensor can indicate a wide range of issues with your engine system and requires a diagnostic to find the specific issue. The problem may be simple or complex, but we won’t know until we run a diagnostic test.

Schedule an appointment with Annie’s Auto for a full car diagnostic test of your vehicle’s computer systems in Parma Heights.