Avon Lake Car Cooling System Services

Antifreeze is used in your vehicle throughout your vehicle’s system to ensure your vehicle remains at a suitable temperature. This is not the same as your vehicle’s air conditioning system, as this system is specifically designed for your car engine. The coolant in your vehicle’s system will keep your engine from overheating, while also keeping the temperature high enough to meet emission standards. In the winter, this excess heat can be directed into the car cabin to warm passengers. Schedule an appointment with our Avon Lake certified mechanics.

Blue bottle filled with antifreeze for a car


This solution circulates the car and removes heat from different parts of the system as it passes by. Overtime, the old fluid will need to be replaced, and is usually the main cause of the majority of car cooling system problems. When performing this maintenance, the entire system should be flushed of old antifreeze and replaced with fresh, new fluid.

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Refer to your vehicle’s manual to find how often you should flush your system’s coolant. We recommend performing this service on your vehicle every 30,000 – 60,000 miles. Schedule service with us at our Avon Lake location!