Preparing For Your E-Check in Avon Lake

The purpose of an emissions inspection is to test the equipment of your vehicle’s emission system to make sure it remains intact and functions properly. To ensure that your vehicle is prepared to pass the inspection, refer to the user manual for your car. If any parts of your emissions system are missing or broken, you will fail the inspection and need to visit an E-Check repair technician in Avon Lake.

When To Get Your Vehicle Tested in Avon Lake

The state of Ohio requires new cars to be inspected after four years on the road, and then every two years after that.

Vehicles with even-numbered year models must be tested during even-numbered years.

Vehicles with odd-numbered year models must be tested during odd-numbered years.

Get E-Check Ready at Annie’s Auto

Certain and specific vehicles can be exempted from Ohio’s emissions test. If you believe you have a vehicle that falls under this category, check with the Ohio DMV for more information. If you do have a vehicle with an E-Check coming up soon in Avon Lake, visit the certified technicians at Annie’s Auto to ensure your car receives a passing grade! Schedule an appointment today at our Avon Lake, Ohio location!