Light Blinking/Flashing

A flashing or blinking check engine light still won’t tell you exactly what is wrong with your vehicle, but a flashing light is much more serious than a solid light. A flashing or blinking light could mean something very serious, such as a cylinder misfire. If that indeed is the case, you can expect a potentially dangerous situation if you continue to drive your vehicle. If you find this is the case, it’s best to check with a Avon Lake technician and have your vehicle serviced as soon as you can.

Light blue check engine light icon

Solid Light

If the light is fully solid without blinking or flashing, it may not be as serious as the alternative, but you should still have your vehicle service anyway. Again, the check engine light can indicate a variety of issues. A solid light most likely relates to the emissions of your vehicle, so make sure to get it checked as soon as you can at our Avon Lake closest location.

Certified Avon Lake Technicians

If you’ve got a blinking or solid light on your dashboard, come visit Annie’s Auto! Our experienced mechanics will be able to discover and diagnose your vehicle’s issues and provide the appropriate service. Visit our Avon Lake closest location today!