Brunswick Car Suspension System Services

Your car suspension system is a part of your vehicle’s drivetrain system and is also essential to the functionality of your vehicle. Your car suspension system helps to balance the vehicle as it moves along the road. As the different parts of your vehicle create power to accelerate the vehicle, your car suspension system helps to regulate and balance the many different vibrations and shaking parts of your vehicle. If this system isn’t working properly, you can expect that your vehicle will degrade more rapidly, causing additional issues such as alignment problems.

Common Suspension Problems:

  • Poor wheel alignment

  • Broken control arm

  • Bad shocks

  • Strut brace issues

  • Spring or ball joint issues

Common Drivetrain Problems

  • Worn out or bad manual clutch

  • Slipping gears

  • Broken solenoids

  • Leaking transmission fluid

  • Check engine light issues

Annie’s Auto Brunswick Services

Trust the certified Brunswick technicians at Annie’s Auto to inspect and diagnose your vehicle’s system and suspension. Our team will inspect your vehicle’s systems thoroughly to find any possible issues, or anything that might become an issue later down the road. 

Our Brunswick technicians have extensive experience in all different vehicle systems and parts, so you can feel safe leaving your vehicle in trusted hands. Schedule an appointment with us today!