Exhaust System Issues in Cleveland

This system is more than just the muffler, which reduces the noise of your car emissions. This system exists to specifically remove toxic gases and pollutants from your vehicle and consists of multiple parts and pieces, meaning anything wrong within the system will create issues. Since the exhaust system in your vehicle is rather sturdy and robust, any issues you might find there are more than likely stemming from somewhere else in your vehicle. Some common signs of exhaust or muffler problems include:

  • Engine misfiring
  • Reduction in acceleration or power
  • Gasoline smells
  • Less fuel efficiency
  • Noisy system when driving

Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter in your vehicle converts the toxic, harmful gases and pollutants produced by your engine system into less harmful substances to be released into the atmosphere. If you have any problems with your catalytic converter in Cleveland, it will spew out more harmful gases and most likely cause you to fail your emissions test.

Flex Pipe

This flexible pipe connects your engine system and exhaust system. This pipe is bendable and flexible to assist in absorbing different vibrations and movement while driving, helping to keep the entire exhaust system from shaking. While you can still technically drive with a damaged flex pipe, it will be leaking harmful gasses into the atmosphere before they can be converted by the catalytic converter.

Exhaust Rust

One of the most threatening issues for your exhaust is rust buildup over time. Once rust begins to form, it can quickly spread and deteriorate metal over time. Rust can build up in your exhaust pipe from water vapor collecting without evaporating. If you live in snowy parts of the country like Cleveland, Ohio, the road salt will accelerate any existing rust or rust buildup. Our experienced mechanics at Annie’s Auto in Cleveland can address any rust you may have in your system. 

Exhaust Maintenance in Cleveland

Trust the certified Cleveland technicians at Annie’s Auto to perform any required maintenance on your exhaust and inspect further to find any additional issues. Our diagnosis will catch any potential problems coming from your exhaust.