Car Oil Change in Avon Lake

The oil in your engine will also pick up dirt, water, and other debris as it circulates your engine. Over time, as your oil collects all this extra junk, it will need a car oil change, otherwise it will become ineffective and buildups or deposits will accumulate around different parts of your engine. A car oil change will help your vehicle run more efficiently and putting off a oil change can cause negative effects. While going an extra month or few hundred miles past your oil change due date won’t have astronomical effects on your vehicle’s health, you should not wait too long after your recommended oil change date to change it out.

Engine Oil

The purpose of engine oil is to lubricate the various moving parts of your vehicle’s engine so that they do not rub together. Without oil, these parts in your engine will produce great amounts of friction from the pieces rubbing together, which in turn will create additional heat that is dangerous for your vehicle’s engine.

Avon Lake Car Oil and Filter Change

Similar to your engine oil, you should also regularly check and change your engine air filter. If ignored for too long, a dirty engine air filter will begin to affect your car’s performance and overall health. The same can be said if you don’t change your oil regularly. Ensure your car and engine are up to date with help from the certified Avon Lake technicians at Annie’s Auto. Schedule an oil filter change appointment in Avon Lakewith us today!