Car Battery Replacement

Get your new car battery replacement through Annie’s Auto! Our experienced technicians will diagnose your dead battery, or find out where your vehicle might be losing power. If you can get your car started, your vehicle’s alternator should be able to keep your car running as you drive around or make your way to an auto shop. Either way, you don’t want to rely on your vehicle’s alternator to power your automobile. It’s best to find a car battery replacement for your dead battery as soon as you find any warning signs of a dead battery.

Warning Signs of Car Batteries

Sometimes your car might warn you when you need a car battery replacement, but not always. Here are some warning signs that your car battery is dead or dying:

  • Dimmed lights and less electrical power

  • Slow engine start up

  • Corrosion on terminals

Starter or Dead Battery?

If your vehicle won’t start, it doesn’t automatically mean a dead battery is the cause. If your starter isn’t working properly, it will be difficult for your vehicle to initially start the engine. This could still be an electrical issue, or the result of a broken starter.

If your alternator isn’t working properly, it will be more difficult for your vehicle to keep the battery fully charged and will provide less electrical power to the rest of your vehicle. Schedule an appointment with Annie’s Auto if you are unsure why your car won’t start to continue to run. Let our experienced technicians provide you with trustworthy and reliable assistance!