Preventative Maintenance

Vehicles in a fleet are constantly on the road delivering products or providing services. With this constant usage comes wear and tear on the vehicle over time. The more a vehicle is driven, the more it will get worn down over time. Therefore, it becomes more important to keep up on regular maintenance for these vehicles before they wear down. Annie’s Auto provides preventative maintenance as part of our fleet auto services to help keep your vehicles in top condition, so that they don’t have to take any days off.

Fleet Repairs

We at Annie’s Auto know how important it is to keep your fleet up and running so that you can keep delivering products and performing services. Bring your vehicle to us for fleet auto services and we’ll have it back on the road in no time! Our certified technicians will identify and diagnose any problems you might be experiencing within your fleet. With a fast turnaround, we’ll get your fleet up and running again! Schedule an appointment at one of our locations today!