Common Issues

We often take our power steering for granted, since the majority of automobiles in our lifetime have implemented this system for the past few decades. Still, it’s not impervious to disrepair and maintenance upkeep, so it’s best to be aware of any potential problems so that you can address them early and avoid any serious issues. Some common issues to look out for include: 

  • Abnormal steering 
  • Squeaking or rumbling noises as you turn the wheel
  • Shuddering or vibrating steering wheel
  • Stiff steering wheel, difficult to turn
  • Low steering fluid
  • Steering fluid leak
  • Damaged belt

Steering Wheel Fluid

One of the most common issues with this system is insufficient fluid or a fluid leak. This will cause your steering system to degrade and it will become much more difficult to perform steering. When this happens, you have less control over your vehicle, creating a very dangerous situation on the road. 

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