Transmission Fluid Service in Westlake

Transmission fluid circulates your transmission to help cool down the friction created when shifting gears. This fluid, similar to your car engine oil, can become dirty and accumulate dirt and different debris over time as it works through your transmission system. This can significantly slow your vehicle down if left alone for too long. Changing out this transmission fluid through a transmission service will extend the life of your vehicle and keep your transmission in the best shape possible. 

Transmission Fluid Flush in Westlake

A transmission fluid flush will completely replace the fluid in your transmission system with new fluid. This will ensure that any dirt or debris that may have built up in the fluid over time will be removed from the system. 

Transmission Fluid Change in Westlake

Changing your transmission fluid will only replace parts of the fluid, leaving the majority of the original fluid still in the system. 

Transmission Service Tips

Without any sort of maintenance or service on your transmission, you could see issues with your vehicle in as little as 50,000 miles. It’s usually a good idea to service your vehicle and its transmission more frequently than that to catch any potential problems early before they become worse. Schedule an appointment with Annie’s Auto at our Westlake location today!